Our Mocktails

A new concept of alcohol-free mocktails, elegant and refined,
with a unique floral combination in each flavor.

5 Exquisite Flavors

Baby, Lady, Lilly, Punchy, Girly

Mocktail: LADY

Apple, Cherry, and Sakura Blossom

 Our mocktail Lady is a blend of fruity and refreshing flavors that will awaken your taste buds. The sweetness of the apple is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the cherry, while the mint adds a subtle touch of freshness.

 This alcohol-free beverage is ideal for accompanying a light meal or for refreshing yourself on a hot summer day. Savor every sip and let yourself be carried away by this explosion of flavors.

Mocktail: LILLY

Raspberry, Lychee, and Violet Blossom

Our Lilly Mocktail, the perfect drink to ignite your events!

With its fruity and floral flavors delicately embracing the palate, this beautiful purple color will impress your guests

 So don’t hesitate, choose this quality and original Nolo and surprise your guests with a unique taste experience!

Mocktail: Punchy

Apple, Peach, Pear, and Anise Blossom

The tasting of our Punchy mocktail begins with a sweet and fruity attack, accompanied by a slight acidity that brings a pleasant freshness.

In the middle of the palate, you will discover a beautiful roundness that highlights the taste qualities of our Nolo.

The retro-olfaction is just as interesting, as it confirms the subtle aromas you may have perceived on the nose.

Finally, the long finish is rich in notes of pear and anise,

adding an intense touch to the tasting.

Mocktail: Baby

Pomegranate, Pineapple, and Lotus Blossom

Discover our Baby, a perfect blend of exotic flavors.

Pomegranate brings a sweet touch, pineapple adds a tangy note, and lotus blossom provides a delicate hint of floral fragrance.

A true taste journey for your taste buds.

Being a refreshing mocktail, it’s ideal to accompany a lunch, a dinner with friends, or simply to relax on a summer evening.

Let yourself be seduced by its burst of flavors.

Mocktail: Girly

Strawberry, Kiwi, and Elderflower Blossom

This is undoubtedly the most agreeable recipe among our mocktails. From the very first sip, our Girly is marked by a pleasant freshness.

In the middle of the palate, the combination of kiwi and strawberry provides a delightful and pulpy alliance.

Finally, the finishing note is enhanced by floral hints of elderflower that evoke the sweetness of a morning dew. This Nolo is both refreshing and delicate, offering a harmonious and tasteful experience.